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Comic Review:Paradox Girl

Posted by Sian, Jan 2016. Hana Comics owns rights to Paradox Girl imagery.

She’s here, she’s there, she’s everywhere, Paradox Girl is here!

Paradox Girl, ‘PG’ is a heroine who seems to have little control over her presence in time. Unlike Doctor Who, PG allows time to unfold without the meeting of former selves being too big of an issue. You may recall the numerous times that the Doctor took great lengths to avoid his past self and thus reduce the chance of changing the course of history. However, PG appears to team up and even rally against herself in fragments of time. It is yet to be revealed whether she is the most rebellious rule breaker of the ticking clock. Big Ben in Westminster tower has been a couple of seconds off of late. I think we know who we should blame... 

As part of an endless play, each PG plays their part, serving as one of the other’s minion, in an obsessive escapade to fulfil PG’s dependency on Waffos – banana flavoured waffles. PG certainly knows her exit routes; they are everywhere, as she is distracted from fighting crime with fellow hero Axiom Man. Axiom Man is PG’s mentor who encourages her to focus with a clear mind and thus gain more control over her cameos. Who knows, maybe one day he may convince her to forget all about those Waffos.


Once you have read this review you may be interested to read an interview with the creator of Paradox Girl, Cayti Bourquin:

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Reading the pilot of Paradox Girl #1: A Day in the Life of a Paradox is a treat, in that the comic has light humour and is fun to read. I would recommend reading this comic because the story-telling is  clever and interesting and by the end leaves you wanting to learn more about PG’s adventures. The visual layout of the comic is very comprehensible, but make sure you pay attention to PG’s purple time travelling trail as she flutters between pages. Should you be someone who likes to read comics quickly, this could be easy to overlook. 

Taking time to read and fully understand references in this issue really does pay off and is an enjoyable experience. Following different versions of PG may be a little tricky at first, but it helps if you accept that PG is forever living in the present, rather oblivious to what she should consider as her past or future. This creates an unusual sense of simplicity and great scope for landing PG in any situation, especially as she would seem to have no origin and could leave a scene as quick as a flash.  

Another crucial aspect to the comic is the sensual and amusing artwork by Yishan Li. Li has successfully portrayed a colourful and expressive PG throughout the pages. Again, I would like to emphasise taking care to admire details to fully appreciate this. Whilst I love PG’s facial expressions and many moods, I also like PG’s femininity; her chic secretarial-like outfit with shoulders slightly raised. PG’s power stance on the front cover portrays confidence and positively promotes leading heroines in comics. The many outfits on the cover is a nice touch too and I look forward to seeing further fashions which Li has in store for PG. 

In terms of what I would like to see improved: a criticism is that eight frames of artwork, accounting for a single page worth, is copied near the half-way point. I understand the purpose of this is to illustrate PG fighting against herself, in what could be deemed as different moments. However, I feel that the eight frames should be illustrated slightly differently. As an idea, the scenes could be drawn so that they show different angles for the different perspective viewpoints of PG. Overall this would create more depth for the comic and help convey the sense that PG is travelling through time. 

Cayti Bourquin, creator and writer of PG has worked hard with Yishan Li to introduce us to our new heroine. Read through the pages and you will find that PG’s soul is far beyond being that of a one-dimensional character. PG comes across as entertaining, living life with little care but you can’t help but think that there are complexities. She’s an enigma and curiosity only gets the better of us.

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