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Interview with Start Again Creator, Jamie Me

Posted by Sian, Feb 2016.  Jamie Me owns rights to cartoon imagery on this page.

Jamie Me has worked on several different comic projects as a creator/writer and professional letterist. Whilst Jamie's former project, 'Queen', explored political intrigue, 'Start Again' challenges perceptions towards diversity in Britain and inter-racial relationships. This is a social issue that Jamie seeks to address by producing a comic about a superhero with an Asian background, who falls in love with a girl, with English heritage. 

Start Again, is about the interracial relationship between Ajay and Natalie and I respect that Jamie has reflected upon some of his own life experience to bring both humour and anxieties the characters experience.

Jamie has kindly answered some of my questions as I was curious to learn more about Ajay and Natalie. I've also asked Jamie about collaborating  with Toni Doya and Sean Callahan on the Start Again project.


More information about the Kickstarter launch for Start Again can be found here:

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Are there any of Ajay's superhero powers you can tell us about?

Jamie: He has a ridiculous amount of strength. He is so strong that he is capable of spectacular jumps. That's what earned him his superhero name "Jump".

If you are committing a crime and Jump is in the area... hide. You aren't going to get away from him, and nothing is more scary than that suit flying out of the air at you.

What is Ajay's ethic background?

Jamie: Ajay's heritage is Indian. His parents emigrated to Britain from India. You'll get to learn much more about Ajay and Natalie in the comic. That's the fun of Start Again in essence.

You are meeting and getting to know
these two characters on a personal level. I want to capture that magical
discovery phase of meeting someone, and finding out all about them.

Can you tell me more about Natalie?

Jamie: Natalie is a talented web designer, and she runs her own business. She's self-made. One of the things I love about her is her confidence.

Natalie doesn't take herself too seriously, she is always up for a laugh and is also easy to get along with. People tend to note her sense of humour as one of her defining characteristics.

How did you come across Toni Doya and Sean Callahan? Do you feel you work well as a team?

Jamie: Me and Sean worked together on Queen, and we both come from the /r/ComicBookCollabs community. That was our original stomping ground, if you will. Toni joining the team was the result of an extensive online search. His artwork immediately stood out, and after talking to him it was clear that his passion for the project was there. That is such an important part of any comic. If you can find someone who genuinely loves the script you've wrote... well that's gold. As a team we work incredibly well.

I'm a big fan of 3 person art/writing teams. The artists are phenomenal at their respective skill sets, and bring the story to life with their own unique flair. That leaves me to do the lettering, and then the marketing. Two things I really do have a passion for. I'm always thinking of new ways to reach people.

Start Again #1 is live on Kickstarter!

Jamie Me has launched Start Again #1 on Kickstarter. Start Again really is something different and I look forward to learning more about the story.

If you are a fan of talking about comics, you may be interested in Jamie Me's #ComicTalk. Sunday's edition (21/02/2016) is about how to go about creating a Kickstarter for your own comic.   

*External link contains NSFW content

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