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Comic Review:      
Man of Sin #1

Posted by Sian, Mar 2016. Andrew Guilde and Camilo Ponce own rights to cartoon imagery on this page. 

Man of Sin #1 has been created and newly launched as a Kickstarter by Andrew Guilde, who has previously published work within GrayHaven Comics’ 'The Gathering: I'. Altogether, there will be 4 issues for this mini-series. Herein, I review another dark tale: besides crime noir comics this month, we have a psychological horror. 

Man of Sin is about a man, Damien Nero, who is traumatised by the loss of his child and has lost faith in himself. He is hell-bent on the idea that someone is still at large over the murder of his son, Jordan. Damien holds on to his last clue; a voice mail from Jordan, still waiting to be picked up from school. That was a year ago…


Once you have read this article you may be interested to read an interview with the Man of Sin series creator, Andrew Guilde:

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Man of Sin is not for the feint-hearted. Andrew Guilde has explained that this is about Damien’s journey in discovering he is the anti-Christ who will start Armageddon. Andrew has described that whilst the anti-Christ is typically portrayed as someone inherently evil, surely they would actually have to be affected in a way that would transform them into someone with ill-intentions. This story has been cleverly crafted based on this idea. In #1, the reader is introduced to Damien’s relationships with characters within the story and what may be driving him to change into what the reader knows will inevitably be the anti-Christ.  

Whilst contrasts between different points of time with the comic are generally good, there was one part of the comic I found particularly confusing. On page 6, the reader is introduced to a scene which supposedly took place 24 hours earlier. It took me a while to realize that speech within the blue boxes on pages 6 and 7, belong to a flashback which the scene leads into. That particular flashback actually turns out to have taken place a year ago. This means, you would need to read the comic at least twice to fully understand this transition. 

Colours, by Chilean artist, Camilo Ponce, help divide scenes and points in time. For instance, memories from a year ago are portrayed in black and white, whereas inky blue takes over those moments of isolation and red bleeds over the pages where there are moments of despair. Camilo has previously produced artwork for vampire story 'Instruments of Darkness' and the futuristic '23rd Century Dreamers' story. The latter portrays a more glamorous gothic style compared to Man of Sin, which is more or less set in modern times. I would recommend Man of Sin to readers who appreciate gothic artistry and also the philosophical depth in the subject matter, as explained above. 

I also admire how Camilo opens Man of Sin, with rich red and orange colours to set the gothic tone for the series. There will be fire, there will be blood and I admire how Camilo conveys an eerie glow on the first few pages. Additionally, the lettering, by Weston Design Studio, has been delivered to a consistent, professional quality throughout the comic. This means all text and the order of speech bubbles, can be simply followed. In further issues, I would like to see more creativity, perhaps through Camilo’s artistry, can be brought to the lettering in some panels, to help convey the darkness in the story.

Overall, Man of Sin portrays dark themes in modern times and would appeal to readers who enjoy gothic horror. The comic feels very engaging and as a murder mystery, it makes you seriously question what happened to Damian’s son. The story also stirs the feeling as to whether you should be supporting Damian at the beginning as a protagonist, whilst you have knowledge that he may well become the ultimate antagonist. There are some ways in which the comic series can be polished and it would be interesting to find out how the comic series develops. 

Make sure to read my interview with Andrew Guilde to find out more about the origin of Man of  Sin:

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