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Interview with
Man of Sin Creator,
Andrew Guilde

Posted by Sian, Mar 2016. Andrew Guilde and Camilo Ponce own rights to cartoon imagery on this page.

Andrew Guilde is an American writer from Chicago who is the mastermind behind Man of Sin, his debut creator owned comic. Previously, Andrew has written for 'The Gathering: I', published by GrayHaven Comics. 

I interviewed Andrew to find out more about Damian Nero; the man who will inevitably become the Anti-Christ and Man of Sin...


The review for Man of Sin #1 can be found here:

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What inspired you to write the Man of Sin story?

Andrew: I was watching one of those History channel documentaries about the end of the world back in 2012 and the subject happened to be about the Anti-Christ. Everyone in the documentary referred to the Anti-Christ like he just appeared on Earth as a middle aged man completely evil ready to destroy the world. That's when I thought, "How would a normal person with a regular life become the Anti-Christ?" That's how Man of Sin was born.

In Man of Sin #1, should the reader think of Damian Nero as an antagonist?

Andrew: Damien is definitely an anti-hero. He's more along the lines of a character like Walter White from 'Breaking Bad'. As the story progresses, I want the reader to understand why Damien does certain things, even if they don't necessarily agree with them.

Would you describe Damian as a victim of himself?

Andrew: Definitely, Damien is haunted by grief. In issue 1 we meet Damien a year after his son's death, his life has spiralled out of control and he believes that if he finds the truth about his son's death he'll have closure and be able to move on. Unfortunately, the more he begins to piece the truth together the more of his humanity he loses.

How did artist, Camilo Ponce become involved in the project?

Andrew: I was looking for an artist for Man of Sin and posted a want ad on a few
message boards. When Camilo responded to my post, I knew immediately that
he was the perfect artist for the series because I was already a fan of his
work as I followed him on Deviant Art and Instagram.

Did you feel it was important to portray the Man of Sin story in color?

Andrew: Yes, I knew how amazing Camilo is with watercolors and wanted to utilize
them to create a unique look and feel for the book. Many of the books biggest emotional and psychological scenes are brought to life because of Camilo's ability to capture the perfect tone with his art.

Do you hope to bring more creativity and artistry to lettering in further issues?

Andrew: Our letterer, Weston Design Studios, did an amazing job keeping with the tone and feel for the story. I didn't want overly colorful letters because I felt it would draw the readers eyes too far away from Camilo's art.

Have people you know, become sensitive towards the idea that you are producing a story about the anti- Christ, even though it is fiction?

Andrew: We've had a very positive reception thus far for the book. That said, as I was writing the book I was very aware of how sensitive people can be with religious subject matter of any kind. Because of this, I've taken most of religion I could out of Man of Sin and tried to keep it in the background. While this book has a very heavy religious tone, I've taken Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil, out of the story and instead focused on the characters dealing with this religious inspired situation of the Anti-Christ.

Do you have a clear vision as to how Man of Sin will end?

Andrew: Yes, the story will be complete and told in its entirety after four issues. We're going to see Damien transform from being a grieving father looking for the truth in # 1 to the Anti-Christ with the fate of the world in his hands in #4.

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