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Comic Review: Druid Investigations #1

Posted by Sian, June 2016. Attic Comics owns rights to cartoon imagery on this page.

Exploring Comic Village at MCM Comic Con is always great fun. It feels particularly special when you can meet those you have come to follow on Twitter. I met Dan Harris (@Baresark_Artist) with massive banners for the instantly recognisable artwork for the Druid Investigations comic. I’m really happy to pick up my own print copy of Part One for Druid Investigations, which raised almost £3000 on Kickstarter (December 2015).

Druid Investigations follows the story of Killian, the ‘unremarkable man’ in South Wales, with a day job of selling insurance and going to the pub on a Friday for drinks with the work colleagues. However, ‘the norm’ of his everyday life changes when he comes across some people using magic to fight a monster on his way back home at night. Could it be a dream? Or is he going mad? Magical mayhem and mystery may just what may be round the corner in his life…


Once you have read this article you may be interested to read an interview with the creator of Druid Investigations, Dan Harris:

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Why is the comic called Druid Investigations? Well, the prologue opens with a flashback to where Merlin has supposedly failed to protect King Arthur who would advocate an ‘Age of Magic’. It is hinted that Merlin survives to the present day to keep monsters at bay, supposedly with the help of other druids. 

The opening for this comic, in the first three pages is particularly detailed. I particularly like the authentic feel that Dan has brought to these pages, with the decision to leave in pencilled guidelines for the characters. Whilst some may say this compromises quality, my view is that this adds an artistic edge to character design, which has not just relied on CAD. I also like the green glow in these particular pages, which help create contrast to the more ordinary modern setting thereafter. 

Green Flame?!

In honesty, it took me a while to warm to the artistic style as I could see that characters are typically shown to have one eye bigger than the other. However, reading the comic, I felt that this stylistic element added a humorous side to the comic and really helped with emphasising certain facial expressions and moods. In terms of this, Dan successfully conveys those moments in the comic where Killian is confused and trying to consider what the hell is going on.  

Overall, Dan has clearly demonstrated a great artistic effort and Part One provides a worthy and enjoyable introduction which has great potential to evolve into a full story. However, at the moment, a lot of questions remain unanswered for the reader about what this is really all about. Speaking to Dan at Comic Con, I think a successful Kickstarter for Part One, could mean that Part Two is well on the way...

Feel free to check out my interview with the creator, Dan Harris, to find out more:

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