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Interview with
Deer Editor Creator,
Ryan K Lyndsay

Posted by Sian, Mar 2016.  Ryan K Lindsay and Sami Kivela own rights to cartoon imagery on this page.

Ryan K Lyndsay is an Australian writer who has recently launched Deer Editor on Kicktarter. Ryan is well respected in the comic book world and is known for writing for Dark Horse Comics' 'Negative Space' mini-series. Whilst Ryan has collaborated with artist, Sami Kivela to produce Deer Editor, the duo are soon to publish a new comic mini-series with ComixTribe, called 'Chum'.

I have interviewed Ryan to find out more about the story behind Deer Editor.


The review for Deer Editor: #1 and 2 can be found here:

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I understand the idea for Deer Editor all started with a joke on Twitter. Would you be able to tell us more about this?

Ryan: Yeah, it was completely stupid. I was joking with @benrankel about typos in magazines and I said it would be embarrassing to write into a magazine and start with 'Deer Editor' and as soon as I hit send I knew I had something. It just clicked in my head, so I sent a follow up tweet shotgunning the character and spent the next week researching deer and making crazy story notes. before I knew it, I was chatting with Sami Kivela about drawing it and suddenly we were collaborating on one of my favourite books to write so far in my career.

Have you always had an interest in the murder mystery/crime noir genre?

Ryan: Oh, absolutely. As a kid growing up on 70s cinema, Scorsese, de Palma, Polanski, these things were always close to my heart. Reading Hammett, Chandler, Day Keene, Gil Brewer, and then growing into Duane Swierczynski and 'Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang' and Hard Case Crime paperbacks, this genre has always been in my head, informing me, being studied.

I especially fall hard for noir where it means the lead character is not going to win in any conventional way. I dig sour endings, and even more so when you can see them coming, because then it's about you engaging with your dread as you hope for the best but you know the world so rarely provides that for us.

Did it take a long time to decide on the right character design for Bucky?

Ryan: Not at all, strangely enough. I started chatting with Sami Kivela about it and I knew I wanted Bucky to be tall, and then I said Robert Redford in 'All President's Men' was my touchstone and then Sami just went away and totally delivered. That shirt, the jacket, he looked perfect. Then I let the body language inform me more on how Bucky would act and react.

What made you decide that you wanted to bring a more or less gothic vampire theme in #2? Do you feel this works?

Ryan: There's a line in this issue where Bucky thinks - "In a world where I exist, I have to allow anything else to be possible".

Because I did wonder if vampires might be going too far and then I realised I'm making a comic with a deer-man who no one seems to be bothered by and he's a journalist and so I got past that pretty quick.

The impetus for the vampires actually came from the fact that #1 was very inspired by "Chinatown" so I wondered if I could keep the Polanski vibe alive and "The Fearless Vampire Killers" is a wild flick and I wanted to see if it would work. My feeling is that it works really well. I guess we'll only know when the pdf links go out on March 22nd if it's truly been nailed.

Are comic conventions growing in popularity within Australia?

Ryan: The con scene here is rich and growing, with big shows hitting all the major cities, and more and more regional shows, often headed up by libraries and smaller entities, keep popping up and those are really rad, too. I think it helps that more and more Aussies are making comics and doing it well so there's more for people to see and support that's local.

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