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Launch: Dirty Brown #1

Posted by Sian, Feb 2016.  Tammy Brown Elkeles owns rights to cartoon imagery on this page.

Dirty Brown is a comic about a charismatic and beautiful woman, DJ Dirty Brown, who discovers her musical talent comes from within. The artwork for our musical heroine gives a ‘Jem and the Hollograms’ 80s vibe: it has to be something to do with the purple hair!

The story of DJ Dirty Brown is Tammy Brown Elekele’s first comic book series. Whilst #1 of Dirty Brown is currently available on Kindle, the upcoming crowd funding IndiGoGo campaign will be a chance for Tammy to reach out to new readers and produce #1 in print. There are plans for 13 issues of the comic to be published and the #1 comprises of 25 action comic pages. 


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‘Dirty Brown’ as a name for the heroine, gives an anarchic feel and I think this touches on the character’s ethnic background; African-American and Caucasian. As a person of mixed race; Asian and British, I can relate to this and find this very powerful. There are so many other ways in which ethnicity can be viewed and defined. 

DJ Dirty Brown is someone who develops a reputation as a popular and amazing DJ in the underground scene of the ‘Big City’. In the comic, people seem to become mesmerised by DJ Dirty Brown’s music: as one of her fans put it, “Her music is like LSD”. However, beyond the mysterious parties, where people seem to become something else, Dirty’s life is far from glamorous…

Dirty lives in a cement truck which is also her recording studio. She also is harassed by her violent ex-boyfriend, Doe Joe, who is jealous of her and steals something very precious to her. This resonates as a turning point in Dirty’s career and she loses confidence in her abilities as a DJ. Dirty felt her powers stemmed from an ancient green rock, which was gifted from a street musician. It became her lucky charm and it was so important to her that she had the green rock tattooed on her chest. 

Although Dirty manages to retrieve the rock, she finds that it has been exposed to evil spirits and is of little use to her. A shaman advises her “pay attention within, the sound can guide you”. Dirty finds the confidence within herself to build up her talents again and realise her potential. Despite the challenges she faces, DJ Dirty continues to grow as a resounding success with her African themed music. 

I will make sure to provide links to the IndieGoGo campaign when it launches. Also, you may be interested to check out Tammy Brown Elkeles' official website dedicated to Dirty Brown:

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