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About is a creative blog created by Sian Thompson

Posts are made by Sian and edited by her other half, Marcus

This blog is dedicated to exploring alternative/geek culture as we are always keen to find out more about that crazy world out there!

We have all sorts of different interests and this blog provides a way in which we can express this. Content we seek to provide include:

• Reviews on comics and boardgames

• Articles on roleplay systems 

• Articles on Conventions and Festivals

Our special thanks goes to Gary Nicholls, Scarlet Butterfly, Cayti Bourquin,  Kate Ashwin,  Matt Loffhagen, Bevan Clatworthy and Jamie Me who have all agreed to be interviewed. Latest additions include Ryan K Lindsay, Andrew GuildePaul Axel and the Starlight City Project. These people have all made some wonderous and interesting contributions. They are all talented artists, designers and/or writers in their own right and we hope you enjoy reading all about them. is also about community - please follow us on Facebook and Twitter :)

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